Closed Alpha Version


    - Combat: Improved hit handling - Combat: Npcs attacking players now also send their attack direction
    - Tweaked LODs of housing - Wooden fence can now be used in second floor and above as well
    - Players can no longer damage buildings on PvE and HybriPvP servers
    - Added player report option


    - Harvest animation and stamina use when harvesting should better synchronized now
    - Having overloaded inventory should now slow down character movement as soon as overloaded notification pops up instead of after using an item or opening inventory
    - Player is no longer able to jump if in middle of fist attack or while being knocked down
    - Names put in clan invites are case sensitive now
    - Rolling through doors shouldn't be possible anymore
    - Housing: Small gablewall should fit underneath small roofs anytime
    - Tier 2 & 3 doors can finally be crafted at workbench
    - Set animal actions as trigger
    - Fixed stretched boxes and bags in harbour
    - Removed grass sticking through ground in harbour
    - Camera shake no longer gets interrupted when focusing UI
    - Stairs fixed in harbour
    - Stitched up some small terrainholes
    - Fixed some stuff in elven harbour
    - Fixed missing collider in houses from elven harbour
    - Renaming clan also passes housing stuff
    - Wells can now be destroyed
    - Readded stonewalls


    - Reduced skeleton attack radius
    - Changed clan-deletion time to server-config property
    - Player no longer rotates with camera while in beginning of melee attack animation
    - Adjusted blocking stamina cost, regeneration speed while blocking and regeneration pause time(bearbeitet)

    Servers will go down shortly to update