Login Bug. Can't play?

  • God Dag.

    So here's my problem; When I run the game (steam version), I run into a strange problem. The menu is here, it has the interface long the left side; But it only has "Options" and "Exit". if I wait a while, the account link window pops up, but when I put in my email for the account stuff, it'll take about five minutes and then pup up with an error;

    "An error occured while logging into the server. It may be the case that the login server is unreachable."

    And hitting skip just... Doesn't work. It'll sit on "loading..." forever. Am I simply being blind and missing something? or do I have an actual problem here?

  • After looking for the majority of the day for a solution to this and sending out an email to the support team, gotten no response still. The only thing I can think that this can be is the fact that I still haven't recieved an account activation email for the main site- And I can't request another one anywhere I can see. Could this be the reason? I can't log in to the main website but figured this would occur after linking in-game. Any ideas of how I can go about getting a second email sent to me? Or any other reason it might be?

  • I think maybe figuring out if it's the activation email that's the problem before I go resetting Windows and losing the 800gig worth of stuff I have on my PC. Any way I could go about this?

  • I have two ways for you.

    First Step:

    Menu Issues
    If you are having trouble with the menu of the game the most likely culprit is a missing Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows. It enables applications built with a newer Windows SDK to run on older versions of the operating system.
    You can find the updates here, please try these and let us know if they solve the issues:

    Second Step:

    God Dag Vikings!

    We are currently hearing that there are some problems with ingame lags and performance issues.

    We need your help to find out the problem!

    Please send us the filled form with your output_log.txt file to: [email protected]

    The output_log. txt file can be found in your Valnir Rok Steam folder.


    Graphics card:
    Operating system:
    Ping on the server:
    Internet bandwidth/ping:

    In addition, a short description of when the lags/performance problems occur.

    Thank you for your cooperation, we will locate and fix the errors as soon as possible.

    Your Valnir Rok Team

  • For the first step, I'm running Windows 10. But for the sake of trying, I did make an attempt at getting those updates however none of them are applicable to me, as my operating system is newer than the system the updates are for.

    For the second step, I don't think any of that really applies to me? Is it actually a lag issue that I'm experiencing? Afterall, I can't actually get onto any of the servers, it's logging in at all that I'm unable to do- Though I don't think it's anything to do with lag at all. Afterall, most of what that second step requires I don't even have access to. I don't have an output_log.txt anywhere in my Valnir Rok folder as I've got nothing to report output from as I can't log into the game and I haven't got onto any of the servers to have anything regarding that.

    As for my specs?
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @2.80GHz 2.81 GHz
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
    Memory: 16.0GB

    Operating System: Win10

    So with all this in consideration, am I just screwed? Just a side note, I still haven't had an activation email for my login on the main game site.

    (Correction, the output_log.txt simply didn't show up on the first search for some reason.)