decay rate remove

  • Remove the decay rate completely please every time i login to the game after couple of days of not playing i have to spend a lot of time on repairing my house and chests and when i am done i dont want to play the game anymore because i spend all this time on repairing the house and chest . And just now i entered the game after a week of not playing and all my house was almost complitly destroyed and the rest near had the condition on a very short red bar (it wasnt raid because my loot room was intact and all the chests gone also there was different places where the house was destroyed) when i play a game i dont want it to feel like a chore but as a game . So please please remove this feature .

  • You can't remove the decay rate from official servers without running into lots of problems unfortunately. On PvE servers, where you can't damage structures placed by other players, the landscape would be filled with abandoned structures, it would be possible to lock players out of their houses, etc.

    Even on PvP servers it would be problematic, since not everyone can tear down buildings and even if they can it takes a lot of time.

    I am, however, absolutely in favor of allowing server admins of private servers to remove decay. I'm also in favor of limiting decay to foundations and placeables placed without a foundation underneath (so a wall wouldn't decay while a palisade/fence would).