Valnir Rok Suggestions (Page 2)

  • Continued from Valnir Rok Suggestions (Page 1).

    (41) Could I suggest an overhaul of the axe harvest ratio. The stone axe, gives +1. The Simple Hatchet, gives +2. The Steel Pickaxe (made of Iron - so should be called the Iron Pickaxe) should give +3. The Steel Axes used for harvesting (perhaps calling them Harvesting Axe rather than Reinforced axe) should all give +4 (and coded so they can't be used as a raiding axe). Then the Battle Axes, as they are now.

    (42) Request much better treasure is dropped by the Monsters in the game. The current treasures are very poor. I/We would like to see armour, swords, bows, crossbows, multiples of Silver and Gold or money.

    (43) The Recipe Menu in both Personal and Workbench is very understated, yet is greatly influential in the game, I suggest this is tweaked to give more background light, so that even if a player can't build an item the icon should still be more visible than it is at present. Recipes that can be used should be brighter still, perhaps with a Gold background to the items icon.

    (44) Suggestion, allow players to Self Delete their character on a server.

    (45)…iledetails/?id=1228607658 Request that Trees only spawn and become visible when they are ready to be harvested. I've never seen a clump of Stone or Clay that wasn't harvestable, they appear to only spawn when they can be harvested. So couldn't trees use the same code?

    (46) Request more Honey, so we can make Mead. Mead, mead, mead, mead, mead. (This is the well known Viking mead song).

    (47) Half the Stone ratio in the recipes for Stone components, to be similar to Clay components. So a typical stone foundation is 50 stone, make it 25 instead. Even builders want to go and have different fun, but they can't because they are building or repairing.

    (48) Request that the recipes from the Personal Inventory Recipes is duplicated in the Workbench General Recipes. Having now played for 2 months that is the one overall annoyance to me - having 2 menus that don't tally together, I find it totally frustrating. I don't need the General recipes in the personal inventory recipes, just the Personal Inventory Recipes in the General Workbench Recipes. Alternatively, scrap the idea of the personal inventory recipes altogether and just have all the recipes in a Workbench which would simplify the whole issue - especially now that the Quests will address the need to build a Workbench early on in the game.

    (49) Request the time it takes to make a recipe is decreased. When making thread for instance, you may have collected 70 or so Fibrous Plants, so you then turn them into Thread, this takes quite a while. When making the Altar, it seems to take ages. Making more than any one thing is slow as hel. Please cut the time it takes to make stuff.

    (50) Money should be in a leather Purse that can be dropped into a Chest or Workbench or Campfire for safe keeping.

    (51) Could we please have the Foundations 'tweaked' a bit.…iledetails/?id=1234523768

    The f12 picture shows how foundations laid on a hill or gradient cannot currently link together, so we get gaps, it's frustrating not being able to build structures that seamlessly flow.

    (52) Permissions of placed items such as the Workbench and Chest, should be limited to the clan or person who placed them, not everyone as it is at the moment.

    (53) Workbench and Chest Pick-up should be given as an option. By the person or clan placing them (same rules as the campfire i.e. empty).

    (54) Doors need to open and close much quicker, is there any way to make it faster?

    (55) Remove the Wolf and Bear NPCs from quest locations, especially where on the quests you have to interact with the Godit at The Grove 'Hogre'.

    This particular problem is made worse on private servers, where the harvestable items in increased, as the wolves and bears increase in numbers.

    (56) The Quest - Kill Masters Rabbits. I would suggest making this quest easier by asking for 5 Meat, so any 5 animals, not just rabbits. Goats are a better source of meat and if you are unlucky Wolves.

    (57) The Quest - Learn to Fight; needs tweaking. The animals should not leave central barrier area and attack the NPC (Gendrig). The option of shooting the animals with a bow should be allowed - the way the arena is set up at the moment prevents a bow and arrow from working. The respawn beds in the arena are a very good idea.

    (58) Please liaise with Nitrado to put the server administrator or owner, on the description of any private servers as a mandatory field, that way people can get characters deleted if required.

    End of this year 2017.