Patch Version


    • Steam: Added Achievements
    • Armor: added masked and chain masket helmet (colors will follow)
    • Map: Online clanmembers are now visible on map


    • Quests: Updated quest experience points
    • Performance: (Experimental) Changes to the housing system and how it handles the creation of these structures
    • Performance: Experimental changes to test lag behaviour
    • Performance: Added ping to serverlist
    • Artifacts: The map now shows an area for artifacts within the world and the last death location
    • Server-Config: Added a server config option to disable chest, workbench, campfire and furnace permissions for players (when disabled all players can access these)
    • Server-Config: Added server config value to change artifact display radius on the map (Default: 500)
    • Server-Config: Added a global option to deactivate artifacts being displayed on the map (server config)
    • Server-Config: Added two options to enable and disable artifact and clan member display on the map (Default: enabled)
    • Map: Mapmarker can now be configured to show all player, clanmember only or none of those
    • Map: Logging out with an artifact in inventory will now drop the artifact to the position the player logged out
    • Map: Added translations to the newly options for the map
    • Abilities: The reset ability command can now be used to reset abilities for any other character (needs to be online) Example: /religion r CharacterName


    • Performance: The ping command can now be used by everyone
    • Crafting: Increased burning time of wood used as fuel in crafting stations
    • Abilities: Changed discovery exp from 1 to 5
    • Abilities: Adjusted exp values for monsters (Guard = 60.0, Ghoul = 15, Skeleton = 15, Bear = 10, Undead = 15, Wolf = 8, Goblin = 15, Boar = 4)
    • World: Updated Oaks, updated min sound time of animals


    • Housing: Placeable objects should now rotate on foundations
    • Inventory: Stacks in chests should now behave correctly when splitting and joining them
    • UI: Various 4K fixes
    • Crafting: Drinking horn und and drinking tube can now be cooked in campfire
    • Conditions: Player health should now behave correctly when receiving damage
    • Conditions: Health and stamina shouldn’t have decimal numbers anymore which caused the ui to appear broken
    • Map: Mouse gets correctly enablede now after dying while trying to place a building, so player can select a respawn point
    • Map: Fixed an issue in the position calculation of markers on the map
    • Artifact: The artifact of kerska works again