Is Valnir Rok worth ?

  • Hello there.

    I 'm a survival-sandbox/building addict, and a roleplay fan, having wasted time in games like Rust, Conan Exiles, DayZ and Reign of Kings (best roleplay sessions in survival games)

    I would like to know, from you, the players, not some random steam guy who posts a review, if Valnir Rok is what Reign of Kings used to be. Fun, with many roleplay elements (you could whip your enemies and rope them to capture them!) and tons of building stuff! I'd love to build myself a nice castle on a beach.

    Also, I would like to know how hard it is and if there is an active playerbase

    Thank you!

  • Valnir Rok is currently in pre-alpha state, meaning not all systems are yet in place and those that are in place aren't finalized. RP is certainly possible, after all it takes only a few like-minded people and imagination to roleplay, although the game currently lacks many RP features.

    The building system is comparable to Conan Exiles, however it still lacks many of CE's options.
    VR is also pretty light on actual survival mechanics, which may be intentional.

    For me it's still fun, although it lacks the depth of Life is Feudal but your mileage may vary.