Die Brücke zum Discord

  • Da sich ja viele beschweren, dass nicht alle Informationen ihren Weg vom Discord hier in das Forum finden, habe ich mir gedacht einfach ein Thema zu erstellen indem Einfach mal die Infos weiter geleitet werden können. Wenn es von den Mods nicht gewünscht ist, einfach wieder löschen.

    Ich werde es einfach aus dem Discord kopieren und hier einfügen ;)

  • Sebastian-heute um 19:46 Uhr

    @everyone For all of you still having some performance issues: Please check these settings. The Object Terrain Distance and the Object Stream Distance should be according to your VRAM. We suggest to set it to max. 30% if you have less than 3 GB VRAM. Please try around with these settings. Detail Density and Detail Distance should only be at max. if you have very good gear. Keep them below 50% if you are unsure.(bearbeitet)

  • Kiremos-heute um 22:21 Uhr

    @everyone We decided to wait with the patch a tiny bit longer in order to make it more stable. Please bear with us however we need some more time to polish it thus you have a better experience. Hope you understand and are patient enough.

  • Sebastian-gestern um 18:52 Uhr

    @everyone New Helmets, Achivements, Updates & Bugfixes Version
    - Steam: Added Achievements
    - Armor: added masked and chain masket helmet (colors will follow)
    - Map: Online clanmembers are now visible on map

    - Quests: Updated quest experience points
    - Performance: (Experimental) changes to the housing system and how it handles the creation of these structures
    - Performance: Experimental changes to test lag behaviour
    - Performance: Added ping to serverlist
    - Artifacts: The map now shows an area for artifacts within the world and the last death location
    - Server-Config: Added a server config option to disable chest, workbench, campfire and furnace permissions for players (when disabled all players can access these)
    - Server-Config: Added server config value to change artifact display radius on the map (Default: 500)
    - Server-Config: Added a global option to deactivate artifacts being displayed on the map (server config)
    - Server-Config: Added two options to enable and disable artifact and clan member display on the map (Default: enabled)
    - Map: Mapmarker can now be configured to show all player, clanmember only or none of those
    - Map: Logging out with an artifact in inventory will now drop the artifact to the position the player logged out
    - Map: Added translations to the newly options for the map
    - Abilities: The reset ability command can now be used to reset abilities for any other character (needs to be online) Example: /religion r CharacterName

    - Housing: Placeable objects should now rotate on foundations
    - Inventory: Stacks in chests should now behave correctly when splitting and joining them
    - UI: Various 4K fixes
    - Crafting: Drinking horn und and drinking tube can now be cooked in campfire - Conditions: Player health should now behave correctly when receiving damage
    - Conditions: Health and stamina shouldn't have decimal numbers anymore which caused the ui to appear broken
    - Map: Mouse gets correctly enablede now after dying while trying to place a building, so player can select a respawn points
    - Artifact: The artifact of kerska works again

  • Sebastian-heute um 12:41 Uhr

    @everyone We have collected thousands of suggestions in the last 2 months. The devlopers and the moderators have now created a list of more than 100 suggesstions and requests that occured several times. Currently we are developing a system so every player has the possibility to vote for those features to make sure we are doing what the community demands.
    Please note, we are a very small team, so we can only do a few features per month and some may take several months.
    We hope to get the list online within the next week.
    Thank you for your support.
    Currently we are working on
    - Bugfixes - Trade (almost finished)
    - Totem system incl. decay rate and religion
    - Abilities
    - Female charatcer
    - Dragon
    - Labyrinth dungeon(bearbeitet)

  • Kiremos-heute um 20:33 Uhr

    we had some issues with our version system during the event we did. This patch should have been applied to the live-servers today which causes the client & servers to have a version mismatch. I decided to publish the newest (UNTESTED) patch to the live servers I just recently deployed to our development server since I have no other choice at the moment. I apologize for any inconveniences caused and any issues that occur due to the untested patch we had to deploy to the live servers now!

    The servers will update shortly