Ingame Rules

  • Rules

    1. Disturbances of the flow of the game

    • The construction within NPC buildings, confinement of NPCs or the blocking of caves etc. is not allowed. Each player must be able to access any loot through NPCs or NPC buildings at any time. This also applies to dungeons and other places such as lakes.
    • As long as all self-created doors are open and there are no complaints from players, this can be tolerated. Otherwise, all barriers will be destroyed by a Gamemaster without warning.
    • Spawn points and the direct obstruction of players are also not permitted.
    • Blocking buildings or caves on PVP servers must not exceed a certain limit. Not allowed on PVE servers
    • It is generally not allowed to build in quest relevant areas/NPCs.

    2. Chat rules (text and voice chat) in-game and Discord

    • Insults to challenge the player while doing PVP or for fun are allowed. So, the ingame insulting of the character is ok (role-playing game)
    • All maliciously meant insults (which mean the person and not the character) or insults which can be understood in this way are forbidden.
    • Xenophobic statements as well as sexual harassment and anything that is relevant under criminal law are prohibited.
    • Spam in text and voice chat is prohibited.
    • No advertising in the form of text or links.
    • Exposing yourself as a GM/Administrator or employee of the participating companies is also prohibited and can lead to exclusion from the game if multiple violations occur.
    • Only the corresponding channels are to be used in the discord (#help #clan-recruitment)

    3. Game mechanics

    • The abuse of game mechanics (bug-using/glitches) is prohibited.
    • Errors in the game (bugs/glitches) must be reported immediately.

    4. Names

    • May not have any racist or offensive content
    • May not contain any clear names
    • Sexually harassing names are prohibited
    • Names of public figures are prohibited. These include fictional characters from films and games as well as names of actors, etc.

    5. Third-party software

    • The use or distribution of third party software is prohibited, except the below mentioned exeptions.
      • "Reshade" is allowed to use

    6. Game Master

    • The instructions of the Game Master must be followed.
    • Multiple entries and/or requests are not permitted.
    • Requests or user messages should be clearly formulated and contain as many details as possible
    • Questions may only be asked in the designated areas of the forum or Discord.

    7. Reporting violations

    • Collected evidence of violations must be forwarded immediately to the GM's and must not be made publicly available. Notifications of violations are to be documented exclusively via screenshot and/or videos.

    Breaking this rules can lead to a temporary exclusion from the game (ban).
    Multiple violations of the rules can lead to a permanent ban!