Feedback and suggestions - what to consider beforehand!

  • God Dag Viking!

    If you have any feedback and/or suggestions, this should of course find its way to the Devs. It would be advisable to keep a certain format and structure so that it is easier to read for the sake of clarity.

    The more precise your information (e. g. by pictures or video material etc.) the better the developers can imagine and possibly take over the whole idea.

    Try to express your wishes and suggestions as emotionlessly as possible: Sentences like "It would be suuuuuuuuper megaaaaaa great if you bring cute little animals into the game", this will stretch the topic unnecessarily in length and distract from the essentials.

    In addition, it is possible for you to edit your posts yourself, so you can "expand" your post with ideas instead of adding more answers, because this only makes sure that the content gets lost piece by piece. In the long run, no one will have the time to read each answer in detail.

    The moderators have their own list, which will be updated with your comments and topics to avoid repetitions.

    Take 5min maybe. Time to read through other topics to see for yourself if your feedback or suggestions have not already been mentioned, so you keep a little order in the forum.

    Your Valnir Rok Team