CALL TO ARMS recruitment Europe official PvP 7. United kingdom

  • welcome European players to the forums and valnir. This post is to make note and advertise to pull in players to join EU PVP sever 7.

    Sever 7 is rising in popularity among our players from experienced survival mmo backgrounds. Aswell as new. It is in our interest (sever 7) to avoid people who will merely log in try 10 mins of gameplay and leave again to keep structures and the map tidy and free of unneeded clutter.

    We are hoping to build a strong player base within sever 7 of fun and chilled players ranging from fresh gamers to hard-core.

    So what are you waiting for? Want a populated server but without the hassle of nooby or childish players? Come on over. With time we hope to have several well established clans in which raids and role play / player vs player combat will be functional organised and play out well. Check this thread or post to add any contribution to sever 7.


    on server 7 you have as much featured as all the others. However what is beginning to set us apart is an Increase of popularity among European players especially the United kingdom.

    Just because it is PvP do not fear.

    We have all been there. Low and fresh in a game where other players will relentlessly gank you before you alt f4 out. This is not the case here.

    We have a growing community in which team work is esstential. We have a number of small clans to pair up with other heros. One of which is <Descendants of Odin>

    A clan of my own commited to the support and development of this project. Welcoming anyone who wishes to join this up rising clan for primary dominance of valnir or maybe create your own to rival us.

    A reliable world chat with banter and polite help if needed.

    No trolls as of yet and any will be dispatched without haste by larger clans.