Descendants of odin. EU PVP SERVER 7

  • welcome to Descendants of Odin.



    we are members commited to the experience of valnir rok alpha and beyond.

    We are currently looking for a mature membership of players looking to learn either if be first time farmers or experienced Vikings.

    Here in the descendants of Odin we understand the beauty of making your character your own and offer a whole range of pvp pve and roleplay.

    Our plan is to establish a small settlement untill we have grown in numbers and skillset. Then we will make a migration across valnir to find the most strategic inhabitable land to build our great kingdom and defend and conqour the island of valnir

    As updates and patches are released we will move as a unit to progress quickly and ensure you the players get the most from this community based survial game.

  • WHO WE ARE. that is all that matters..

    Founded by a group of 7 in real life friends from previous mmo, rp, and survival genre of games the allfather has brought us to valnir rok.

    Founded by Trafnar and his brother in arms some yet still to sail for valnir we have taken it upon us to guide and lead one of the greatest viking raiding parties on this realm.

    What will your tale and skill set bring to our clan of brothers?


    We all enjoy a good well driven character. The oppertunity to be someone fresh and new. Although we strictly do not need to consistently talk in character it can make for a fun experience for many of you and so it is all too welcome. For the Gods.

  • player vs player.

    Being based on a pvp server what would you expect. We enjoy open world combat and welcome a challenge. Join our clan to experience the most out of future updates for player v player gameplay. I hope you stand on the right side.



    As we have seen valnir rok will have much to offer in terms of pve and we are not going to miss a shred of it.

    Although little is known apart from some of the spawns that will be put in such as trolls, werewolves etc you can be sure we will set out in force to tackle the deepest dungeons.


    what are YOU waiting for?

    Coming soon : full website

    : crafting and basic guide tips

    : Clan story and history (for any rp players)

    : full list of members and founders.

    :settlement maps

    : future group content.

    Join Trafnar and bis brothers in arms and wage claim to valnir and her spoils

    How to get in contact.

    Discord /PFdYaHG