Patch Version


    Added 4K support for the UI .

    Experimental(!)* improvements to the build system which should improve game performance.

    Experimental(!)* improvements to the networking code to reduce lag.

    * These experimental changes may break other parts of the game or may not lead to a significant improvement at all. We especially need your feedback on these two.


    - Added the /ping command to perform a roundtrip ping throughout all game systems for diagnostic purposes.


    Leveling health increase ability up increases health accordingly now.

    NPC Guards attack aggressive creatures now.

    NPC Guards now sheath and unsheath their weapons correctly.

    Character data should no longer become corrupted, resulting in a "Couldn't load player" message on screen. The affected characters should be able to login again.

    Fixed a bug which sometimes could cause clan leaders to loose their clan.

    Fixed a bug which prevented artifacts from despawning in chests.

    Rotating placeable objects should now work again.