Closed Alpha Version


    - Players can't damage buildings with fists anymore
    - Corrected amrored boots armor value
    - Removed doubled bag
    - Corrected white and yellow lamellar asset slot name and overlay reference
    - Removed some obsolet items, corrected some translations
    - Players should not be able to build structurs into other players bases
    - Lots of collider and bug fixes in world
    - Troll should attack again


    - Weight is now decimal, adjusted all weights
    - Provided a class to execute commands with RCON (Server System)
    - Gamemasters can now change clannames with /renameClan "name" "newname"
    - Gamemasters can now remove buildings from other players
    - Gamemasters can now enter buildings from other players
    - Added small stonewall to receipes
    - Updated Hmminslund, added some statues


    - Combat: Trying another approach for PvP hit detection
    - Combat: Dodging with not enough stamina no longer grants invincibility frames
    - Halved stamina regeneration rate