Closed Alpha Version


    - Added new tier 3 door
    - Players can now turn off the chat sound


    - Rooftiles should snap better now.
    - Rooftiles snap now on walls and to each other, so bigger roofs are possible, without placing ceilings
    - The ceilings are now just placeable on walls or pillars again
    - Improved staircase snapping.
    - Player built chests cannot be looted by pressing f anymore to take everything (should prevent looting everything on accident) - Items can now be looted by right-clicking them (from a chest to the players inventory)
    - By holding ctrl and rightclick players can transfer items to a chest directly
    - The options menu can now be used again if the player dies
    - Changed fps limit on servers to capped 60 instead of 120.


    - Prevents resetting animation actions.
    - Changed the way how voice icons are displayed / created (hopefully prevents multiple voice icons for the same player) - Translation corrections
    - Options in the main menu can be changed again.