Closed Alpha Version


    - Housing: removed the distancetoplot script from most housingtiles
    - Housing: add ownership script to stairs
    - Housing: torch is now removable as well
    - Housing: added new small stonewall
    - Housing: cleaned up the house tiles
    - Improvement: Spawn immune timer is now at five minutes for newly joined players with the addition that they cannot attack other players - Improvement: Started work on different server modes such as pvp, pve and hybrid pvp - Change: Changed overall respawn rates to higher values (Trees, Rocks will now respawn in ten minutes, chests at 15 minutes and overall loot items to 7 - these are all server configs except for overall loot items)


    - Fix: added auto increment value to tracking id column in tracking table - Fix: Quest Dark Magic Rises can now be finished
    - Fix: The permission bug when looting items from a chest and trying to equip them directly should now be gone - Fix: Removing resources from the inventory while being used as a crafting resource shoudln't work anymore (not more infinite resources) - Fix: Doors should open again for remote players - Fix: Couldn't reproduce the icon bug but I added prevention measures that such a thing could happen - Fix: The exact amount needed to repair furniture will be removed from the player