Closed Alpha Version

  • Bug fixes

    • Fix: player built wells will now give water
    • Fix: Player now gets the message of a full inventory ASAP
    • Fix: Wood sticks now take damage when hitting objects or npcs
    • Fix: Connection to Server isn't possible anymore when Backend client isn't ready (This should fix lots of issues with not reacting quests, NPCs, etc.)
    • Fix: fixed outline behavior bug
    • Fix: fixed some typos in item names
    • Fix: Players can't do quests twice anymore


    • Added wood sticks to beaches
    • Added voice chat and chat controls to control settings overview
    • Added comment to use map in first quest


    • Updated potion recipe and mortar recipe
    • Changed wording of getting inebriated
    • Changed player settings to only support 16:10 and 16:9 (could solve issues with three monitors configured as one monitor)
    • Set maximum quality to standard
    • Updated crafting recipes
    • Removed harvest item components from maces
    • Adjusted weight of all items Readded corpses to Kvelling
    • Changes to housing parts, improved roofs Clans will now be deleted after 24 hours if there is only one member
    • Optimization: Npc position updates shouldn't generate so much garbage anymore
    • Updated clipping in witch house
    • Updated chunk map Updated meta files