Patch Version


    • GM-Command: Quests started by chat command are now always being started, regardless of their prerequisites
    • Raids: Reduced hammer axe and reinforced axe building damage and changed recipes
    • Player: player can now block sooner after attacking or dodging
    • Server: Increased HTTP timeouts to 30 seconds
    • Chests: Reduced rare item drop chance for chests


    • Fixed disconnecting from server prematurely when “Quit” is selected in the menu
    • Player: fixed a problem which could cause world quests to hang when a player logged out inside their area
    • Housing: removed rotating with slope from housinparts, to fix rotating issue
    • NPC Employment: employed npcs will respawn after server reboot
    • Abilities: fixed max stamina set by religion system not getting updated on backend on loading player
    • Abilities: leveling health increase ability up now increases health accordingly