Chest Decay

  • I think that decay on the simple chests could be lengthened a bit.

    I built three structures right after the wipe/update ..all of stone and furnished them, then I took a vacation for 8 days. Upon my return I find that the chests in the first structure I built had decayed and everything in them was lost.

    I understand that these chests are supposed to be the basic ones and that we will be able to build better ones later on but I still think that this decay period is much too short and could be doubled.

    With the updated crafting, new players will only be able to build these simple ones at the start and may be somewhat put off from the game if they lose everything simply because real life didn't allow them to maintain them for a week.

    I also don't quite understand why the contents of the chest would be lost. I had crafted steel weapons in one of them ..surely they would have lasted longer than the chest.

  • Maybe even disable decay for chests placed inside structures/houses, since they are destroyed when the foundation is destroyed/completely decayed.

    I agree ..I have a couple simple wood boxes in my garage that I built out of scrap 40 years ago, Except for a loose hinge on one they are in the same condition they were in back then. If left outside that may not have been the case.

  • My radical idea stands, stop thinking placed objects need to decay, they don't it is a false economy that uses vast amounts of server power.

    Decay is a needed feature at least on PvE servers. However, I still think it would suffice to limit decay to foundations and placeables that aren't on foundations. It would also solve many problems people have with building pieces that can't be reached for repairs.